Eytan Ribner is a singer-songwriter, comedian, photographer and (self-proclaimed) #SelfieKing.


In collaboration with accomplished producer and musician Marty Rifkin (BruceSpringsteen, Dwight Yoakam, Jewel, and Weird Al), Eytan released a new album "When I'm Singing the Blues" as a follow-up to his debut album "I've Got Issues" currently available to stream or buy on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you listen to music. His newest single "Take Me as I Am" has been turned into an animated lyric video that can be viewed on all his social media accounts. In addition to being featured on the Southbound 35 podcast, his singles, "It's All About Me", "Too Many Women", "No More Love Songs", "I Could Have Died", "I Hate to Valet" and "Notin' Stronger Than a Broken Heart" are all award-winning music videos that have screened at film festivals around the world.

These songs, written and sung by Eytan, are very personal and cover a wide range of narcissism, egotism and self-centerednosity which can be heard in his single #SelfieMan! 

He has a varied background:

  • Comedy (Upright Citizens Brigade – voted least-likely to succeed, the Comedy Store),

  • Photography (Art Center College of Design, self-proclaimed King of the Serious Selfie),

  • Finance (CPA, dormant in CA and NY) and

  • Played basketball for Golda Meir’s home team in Jerusalem

  • (likes to say he used to be an athlete).


His newest single "I Could Have Died" off his debut album "I've Got Issues" is currently available on your favorite streaming platforms. 




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Southbound 35 Podcast

On the latest episode I’ve got Jarrod Sterrett and the Hired Guns’ Honky Tonk Hero, Eytan Ribner’s I’ve Got Issues (plus an interview) and some great shout outs from both in and out of texas!

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"We had the good fortune of connecting with Eytan Ribner and we’ve shared our conversation below."

Eytan Ribner - ICHD - YouTube Thumbnail.
Selfie Man - Music by Eytan Ribner #selfieman
No More Love Songs - Music by Eytan Ribner
Too Many Woman - Music by Eytan Ribner
Its All Abou Me - Music by Eytan Ribner
Eytan Ribner at The Comed Store


Tales from the road...

Eytan (or rather his wife Irene) loves to travel

"Traveling with Eytan:  On Safari"

Watch Eytan discuss his recent trip to Africa with the hilarious Brett Miller and Tiffany Haddish.  




Tales from the road...

"Traveling with Eytan: To Isreal"

Recorded live at Adam Barnhardt's The Clown House in Downtown Los Angeles, Bluesman and Comedian Eytan Ribner speaks with Katrina Brown about visiting "the holy land".  This podcast includes funny tales from the road, a suprise caller, and Eytan's personal (hilarious) history with playing basketball.


Eytan's photography covers a lifelong passion for travel, community, discovery and the passion to explore. Included in the galleries are photo collections from South East Asia and Isreal to more contemporary works ("Serious Selfies").  Upon first exhibiting his work in 2013-2014 Eytan's photos have continued to show at different photography and art events on the West Coast included MOPLA (Month of Photography LA) among others.  Eytan plans on exhibiting as long as people keep asking him to - and until his passion for travel and exploration fade, which hopefully won't be anytime soon! 



Next Performance will be:​​

Candy at The Comedy Store 


In The Belly Room at

The World Famous Comedy Store

(8433 Sunset Blvd) 

Doors at 7:45 

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The Blues Man's Next Performance will be:​​

Every Wednesday

@ 7pm


The Blues Man's 

Night Club


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