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I trained in photography at Art Center in Pasadena. One teacher said my pictures were beautiful but had no commercial value. I believe that anything can look good with the right lighting and background. While traveling, I like to capture beauty that reveals itself; even if surrounded by ugliness. I call this SNAP-SHOT ART. 20 of my pieces were shown in an Exhibition at the South Bay Lexus Gallery, and most recently at during the 2015 "MOPLA" (Month of Photography Los Angeles).




  • "Hello Eytan, this is Dr. Pearlstein. I really enjoyed that website, you’re incredibly talented. I thought some of those photographs were gorgeous. Yesterday my wife and I went to the Annenberg Photo Museum, you've probably been there in Century City [National Geographic Exhibition]. I thought your pictures were as good as almost anything I saw there and your music was great. Your blood count was normal, your sugar fine, last year was crazy it was a little high but its fine. Liver and Kidneys are fine, cholesterol good 136, thyroid is normal..."


  • "Just spent nearly an hour browsing around your website. I must honestly say that I was not planning to spend that long as I am swamped at work. But, I was curious… and …..what a treat!!! Your pictures really took me places! (Notice I did not say photos, they are pictorial displays) I mean it. I felt part of the scenery and your experiences… Thanks a lot." - Mario Mondev

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